Walton Residential Services – Maintenance Technician

Summary: Under the broad supervision of the Facilities Supervisor, performs a variety of duties in the maintenance of buildings and equipment of Walton Community Services (WCS). The primary responsibility of the maintenance technician is to provide the highest quality of service to our customers at all times. Responsibilities include being a team member of Walton Community Services and assisting other personnel as needed.

Title of Immediate Supervisor: Facilities Supervisor

Department: Walton Residental Services
FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
Effective Date: 2/7/2017
Salary: Salary is commensurate with experience


  1. High school diploma or GED; be able to read and write.
  2. Two years vocational training (refrigeration, plumbing, electrical, HVAC), or equivalent experience (one year of on-the-job training = one year education).
  3. Must have two years maintenance experience.
  4. EPA certification preferred.
  5. Must have positive can-do attitude; be self-motivated and team oriented; willing to follow instructions; ability to prioritize.
  6. Must be able to work a flexible schedule to include weekends.
  7. Residential Apartment and or residential housing maintenance experience preferred.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:  

  1. Timely response to work orders.
  2. Maintain preventive maintenance on assigned properties, including light painting and exterior pressure washing.
  3. Provide coverage in the absence of team members and assist as needed per supervisor’s instruction.
  4. Keep supervisor apprised of any issues that can not be resolved in a timely manner or that: may do harm to the property or residents, or could compromise the quality of GRI/Walton customer service.
  5. Maintain accurate records of time, P.O.’s, Contractor Bids, etc.
  6. Maintain updated record of inventory, issued tools and equipment.
  7. Complete all tasks safely per GRI/Walton guidelines.
  8. Self-discipline: Plans and organizes time efficiently.  Works in an organized manner.  Plans ahead and sets goals and objectives for self.  Shows self-discipline by not taking extra long breaks and always being on time.  Is neat and clean and conforms to departmental dress code.  Is always productively working on assignments and demonstrates initiative by assisting co-workers when their assignments are completed or when safety or other factors take priority over routine functions.
  9. Exhibit cost consciousness and efficiency.
  10. Maintain positive communicative and working relationship with coworkers and management.

Essential Functions

  1. Americans With Disabilities Act Notice: External and internal applicants and incumbents who become disabled must be able to perform the essential job specific functions for their specific position with or without the assistance of a reasonable accommodation to be determined by the organization on a case by case basis.
  2. Environmental Conditions: Work environment is pleasant and comfortable with some exposure to airborne infection, contagious diseases and moving objects.  May be exposed to the risk of blood borne diseases through contact with residents under a wide variety of circumstances.
  3. Physical Demands: Maintenance staff required to be able to lift 75 to 100 pounds or more throughout the work day. Must be able to climb ladders, reach, or pull.
  4. Aptitudes: Must be able to read and understand organization policies and procedures. Must be able to communicate complex ideas and information in an organized, clear, and concise manner, verbally and in writing. Must have the ability to learn new theories and techniques and integrate them with existing bodies of knowledge and experiences.
  5. Temperaments: Able to perform under stress when confronted with emergency, critical, or unusual situations. Capable of dealing with periodic cyclical workload pressures and levels of responsibility, required to make independent judgments without supervision.  Able to make generalizations, evaluations, or decisions based on sensory or judgmental criteria.  Performs a variety of duties; often changing from one task to another of a different nature without loss of efficiency or composure. Perform job duties beyond giving and receiving instructions.
  6. Working Conditions: Must be able to work in a highly varied work schedule. Job requirements often include long or irregular work hours. Centers must operate around the clock seven days a week, and staff may be called upon to solve emergency problems at any time.

Information Access

You may have access to designated folders as directed by your supervisor or manager.

In the course of employment, information will be available beyond the scope of what is needed to carry out your duties.  As applicable, you should only access resident information when:

  • Assigned for treatment
  • Assigned to monitor for performance improvement studies
  • Assigned for clerical and administrative functions as directed by the Vice President of  WCS

Access is limited to the minimum information necessary to perform the duties outlined in this job description.  Access exceeding these parameters is subject to disciplinary action and civil sanctions.