A Story of Survival and Growth

Todd has always been a hard worker, working on roads, mostly interstates, laying concrete, with cars speeding past him at 80 MPH. He never worried about an accident or the danger. So when he was walking across Wrightsboro Road one day after work, the last thing on his mind was getting hurt. But he did. A pickup truck struck Todd leaving him unconscious with a traumatic brain injury.

After Todd’s accident, his life was uncertain. He underwent 18 surgeries and the doctors told him he would be in a wheelchair forever.

But Todd was motivated. He wanted to regain control of his life. When he learned about The Bill Monge Horticulture Center (the Greenhouse, for short), a Walton Foundation for Independence initiative, he knew that it was an opportunity he could not let slip away.

The Greenhouse quickly became Todd’s passion. As he attended the Garden Therapy Program, he and other traumatic brain injury survivors regained mobility through gardening. Todd says the Greenhouse program gave him “confidence” and more importantly, “put purpose back in his life.”

Todd believes that he and the other gardeners are like the seeds they plant, growing stronger every day, eventually being transferred into bigger pots, moving on to the next step in their life. Todd knew his next step of walking again would lead to something bigger, too. He was right. 


Todd is working hard again, 7 days a week. But he isn’t building roads anymore. As the leader of the Greenhouse he is helping people and plants grow.