Cook Registration


Be a Cook!

Thanks for your interest in being a cook at this year’s Chilly Chili Cook-off! We’re looking forward to tasting and judging your creations.

Please be prepared with at least 6 gallons of chili/stew and/or 200 1” pieces of cornbread.

Remember if you run out, you run out of opportunities to collect for People’s Choice! Every dollar from our public tasters equals one vote, and all proceeds and entry fees benefit sports and leisure programs for people with disabilities in the CSRA.

To sign up, please visit our Donate Now page and select the appropriate dollar amount according to the food category in which you plan to compete. Then, in the drop-down, choose to Apply Your Gift to Chili Cookoff 2017. Dollar amounts are listed below:

Individual Entry Level:

  • $25.00 Best Chili
  • $25.00 Best Soup or Stew
  • $10.00 Best Cornbread
  • $60.00 Best Chili, Soup or Stew AND

Business Entry Level: 

  • $100.00 Best Chili
  • $100.00 Best Soup or Stew
  • $60.00 Best Cornbread
  • $200.00 Best Business Chili, Soup or Stew AND Cornbread

All entries automatically include you in the Best Booth Competition  and People’s Choice award categories.

Please contact Sallie West at 706-823-8584 or email  if you have any questions.